Sphere DMAM

Sphere Management

Sphere is a modular software solution for Digital Media Asset Management (DMAM). With Sphere you can manage all kinds of media: video, audio, photo, subtitles, document and text.

Integrated into the heart of your information system, Sphere ensures an optimal organization of your media. You fully leverage your digital and audio-visual heritage. Structured in modules, this solution adapts to any kind of strategy to manage your digital assets.

Sphere can be configured and adapted to simple and complex workflows. These workflows can be triggered manually or automatically depending on the needs expressed by the customer. New devices and new workflows can be added easily through an intuitive dedicated client which makes the system “future proof”.




MBT has developed in the past years a powerful and reliable platform to manage automatic workflows including the control of transcoding facilities, automatic graphic insertions and publishing abilities to various platforms for video and audio.

The power of Sphere is characterized
by the following points:

Industrialize your infrastructure: Sphere connects your tools around the Vertex Data platform. Your tasks are automated and orchestrated. Your workflow becomes fluid.

Structure your data: Sphere indexes your information intelligently and you quickly retrieve them thanks to its powerful search engine. Sphere proposes a powerful search engine based on Elasticsearch that allows to search for specific items within millions of media. But even the search is modular because not every organisation has to manage such a large amount of media. Therefore Sphere also offers other search modes like multi-criteria (multiple field searches) and full search.

Control your operations: Sphere includes automatic task management (i.e. assigning tasks to operators) and offers interfaces to organize the work of the operators. Your processes are streamlined. You easily check the jobs in progress, you automate and monitor human and automatic actions.

Enrich your programs: Sphere offers a complete tool box to work with your media (control quality, post-production and branding). Once enriched and branded, one click is enough to send them On Air or to publish them on different sites. Sphere allows for example to organize a workflow VOD and Catch-up TV (video files recovery, conformation and sending to the related website).

By managing linear and non-linear processes, Sphere responds to the latest demands on the market where new distribution methods are taking over, allowing content providers to target their services to new and multiple platforms, territories and eventually, individuals or households