Training Centre

The trainers

The trainers from MBT come from the Broadcast world with experiences covering all aspects of the business. From project management to operations passing by the maintenance, they understand the concerns and expectations of the technical teams. The answers given in the proposed training sessions are tailored to the participants whether they are beginners or experts.

The training programs

The MBT training programs are designed in such a way that the user can acquire a complete overview of its work tool and its environment. Designed on a common trunk, each training program is customised and adapted to the specific characteristics of a customer, of its project and of its staff. Course materials are provided in paper and/or electronic format (depending on the option chosen) and each training has its own follow-up.

Course material

Nourished by the experiences of the participants, the training department of MEDIA & BROADCAST TECHNOLOGIES ® (MBT) provides all participants, at the end of each session, with a new version of course material appended with notes for improvement and the main questions with their answers.