Phoenix Playout Automation

Phoenix playout

MEDIA & BROADCAST TECHNOLOGIES ® (MBT) launches a new major version of its playout automation system Phoenix, creating the first real multi-channel playout operating and monitoring system that is ready for the challenges of the 21st century.

This new generation playout automation system, processes systematically all the defined workflows. The system is not a simple sequencer of events but a real playout workflow manager that offers the operator incredible comfort in a multi-channel or single-channel environment. Users will therefore be able to enjoy a unique user experience.

It is now possible to monitor your channel through a non-linear timeline in an ergonomic environment. 

When the timeline starts to curve, it shows the last 45 minutes of your playlist. In one wink you can see all the key categories (commercials, live …) on this timeline.  But moreover, the inner circle is a technical (device control) and editorial supervision tool!

Customizable interface

This version offers the possibility to define your own user interface!

The interface is divided in 16 slots where you can assign the available tools. The customer decides what these slots will contain. That can be a mix of 16 automation channels, the media library, the secondary events, the advertising quota, the skip list or supervision of all the controlled broadcast devices. Based on our 15 years of experience in the broadcast, other tools will be made available progressively.

Key features of the V4

  • Ergonomic interface 
  • Single or dual screen
  • Configurable interface
  • Innovative and truly multi-channel solution
  • Playlist editing
  • Work comfort
  • Innovative monitoring tools: non-linear time-line and main/back-up circles
  • Library of tools (Time Code calculator...)
  • 16 channels can be displayed at the same time 
  • Connected to Vertex Data Platform : data management in real time
  • Library of drivers available to control all the major broadcast equipment from different brands
  • Configurable counters
  • Integrated redundancy 
  • Display of Main/Backup connections
  • Display of media library
  • Display of different alerts

Already ON AIR with the V4!

M6, BCE and FTV are now ON AIR with the new generation broadcast automation system of MBT.