SCOOTY (ATSM104): Innovative solution creating a new source of revenue with Digital TV Advertising

Combine best of TV Broadcast with digital video advertising!

On demand of its customers and under the work name ATSM104, MBT developed S'COOTY, a new solution for Digital TV Advertising. 

Despite all the worries about ad fraud, ad blocking and other internet-based issues, digital advertising revenues continue to surpass TV ad spending. Nevertheless, TV advertising is more effective than ever and is irreplaceable for brands.

The principle of this solution is to combine the best of TV broadcast advertising (big screen, scale effectiveness, UX) and digital video advertising (real time metrics, tracking, targeting).

While broadcasters are facing a rise in digital advertising, whose investments have exceeded those of TV advertising since 2017, TV remains the most powerful medium for brands. It is the only media able to reach in a very short time several millions of individuals simultaneously. Whether in the short term or the long, it delivers the most profit at the greatest cost-efficiency and with the lowest risk. Every major study into advertising effectiveness – including those commissioned by competing media- agrees that TV outperforms all others.

The solution

France Televisions in collaboration with MBT has deployed a new playout feature that makes it possible to insert in band SCTE signalling for several broadcast output signals related to the different targeted groups.

The marking of the outgoing signal is ultimately done by the built-in features of the playout video server or SCTE inserters.

MBT has developed a centralized software service allowing the recovery and consolidation of information and their formalization - sending in the form of Splice Request or Segmentation Descriptor.

This software service is also capable of requesting different markings depending on the target platform (OTT, telecom set top box, DTT, etc.)

The SCTE marking of the signal offers the possibility to expand user experience on TV, set top boxes and OTT devices by adding functionalities such as accurate PVR and start over.

This solution also allows channels to increase their commercial visibility by implementing ad switching and anti-trick mode according to the real time video feed.

The picture below shows an overview of the end-to-end solution delivered by TDF/Enensys for France Televisions based on the MBT solution.