Multi-delivery System for Paris Racetracks (GTHP)

After an initial phase where the GTHP (Technical grouping of Paris Racetracks) trusted MBT to set up a MAM system that manages its archives, they renew their confidence.

The deployed system connected to the archive system automates the management tasks, indexing and publication of media.
It allows different authorized services to access media and to make them available quickly.
The installation being successful, GTHP decided to extend its MAM system to its preferred partners.
This extension in web format gives customers of GTHP (EQUIDIA & France Galop) access to the MAM system so they can search, browse and put media in a bin in order to repatriate the media locally.
On the one hand it becomes easier for the GTHP team to search and to make the media available and on the other to secure the archives of GTHP.

The audio-visual service (MBT’s customer), captures live the horse races on the racetracks.
Thanks to fixed and mobile production means, the races in Paris and the Provinces are filmed to ensure the regularity of the races and to live broadcast them for their customers in Paris, Equidia and France 3. The images are then archived by the Race-Promotion department and can be exploited for “ tailored commercial benefits ".

About GTHP :
Created in December 1983, the GTHP (Groupement Technique des Hippodromes Parisiens) is an association that provides staff and technical resources on racetracks.

GTHP has several jobs :
•    The GTHP takes care of the spectators upon their arrival at the racetracks
•    The GTHP takes responsibility in all technical phases
•    The GTHP manages the capturing of the images of PREMIUM races and the production of programs destined for the operators both in Paris - the Equidia channel, Points Races, France 3 (French Public Channel) and Internationally. It also transmits images on the racetracks.
•    The GTHP also provides on-demand racing images together with the Racing Promotion department