Vertex Eagle Monitoring System

Vertex Eagle

Vertex Eagle is a fully web-based, technical control and monitoring system of all the installed MBT software.

Its dashboard displays the statuses of all the MBT software. As soon as an anomaly is detected on the system Eagle alerts the users.

An agent, installed as a service on each server, observes its status as well as its memory. The agent also informs you of the status of each application installed on the machine (i.e. if it’s started, memory level, etc.) as well as inter-application network connections. Connections to and from third-party systems are also detected. This monitoring solution is modular and scalable.

All the servers of the MBT platform can be organized by group. This view provides a first level of supervision by product group or channel that simplifies the overall visibility of the system. When an anomaly appears, the group in question flashes red.

A notification with the details of the anomaly is also sent to each user client. A detailed view is then used to access, in more detail, the status of the server or the application in error.

A more detailed view can be on server level or on application level.

When you select a server, its characteristics are displayed: hostname, IP addresses, name and version of the installed OS, status, memory usage, server time status compared to Eagle Central, and the latest relative notifications. Memory thresholds and a system time tolerance can be set to trigger alarms. 

Each server contains a list of the installed MBT applications. A click on the application opens a detailed view. This view contains a number of information: application name, application path, application status, software version, uptime, memory used, list of other connected applications and the latest related notifications.

On the dashboard all the latest alerts observed by the monitoring system are shown and immediately visible for the user. All notifications can be viewed through the Notification Centre. A simple click on one of the notifications gives direct access to the detailed information of the application in question.

Each user can send notifications to other users or managers to alert, for example, that a critical fault is detected or to prevent that a maintenance task is foreseen.