Phoenix Playout Bundle with LORA Solutions

Phoenix playout

MEDIA & BROADCAST TECHNOLOGIES ® (MBT) launches its comprehensive Phoenix Playout automation bundles together with LORA Solutions. These bundles are a turnkey solution for playout including LORA Cast, the video server from LORA Solutions and the MBT high-level software for playout automation and video management.

Phoenix Playout Bundle with LORA Solutions

The Phoenix Playout bundle based on the video server LORA Cast is a turnkey playout solution with 4 or 6 SDI ports at a very attractive price. The price for the complete solution with 4 ports is 35.000€, ex VAT, for example.

The bundle includes a high-level and very robust video server and comes with MBT’s Phoenix Software suite that consists of the proven and feature-rich playout automation system and the comprehensive video asset management system for ingest, indexation, browsing, marking, purge and transfer of video files.

A powerful, HTML based, graphics and branding system is also part of the Phoenix Playout Bundle.

Key features of the video server:

LORA Cast Video Server

1U chassis

4 or 6 I/O 12-bits SD/HD SDI ports 

Live Input, SDI Recording, SDI Output

Advanced Branding and Graphics (up to 6 layers/channel)


Up to 16 embedded audio channels 

NDI Preview

IP Playout

Supports all main broadcast video formats and codecs 

Switcher and mixer

1,5TB internal storage ( 4 or 8TB optional)


Phoenix Playout Automation System

The Phoenix Automation system is a proven solution for multi-channel playout.

The reliability and the flexibility of the Phoenix Playout Automation makes it a high level solution easily managing premium and thematic channels in a centralized environment.

Phoenix Video Management

The bundle also includes MBT's Phoenix Video Management which is a complete solution for ingest and video management. It handles an unlimited number of acquisition channels, manages the indexation and quality check and also purges and transfers files.

Advanced dynamic branding and graphics system LORA Mento 

The bundle disposes of an advanced, HTML 5 based, graphics and branding system managing up to 6 layers per channel including DVE.  

Some other features:

  • Video/picture/audio files - many supported formats
  • HTML5 graphics templates : text, logo, crawl...
  • Viewing documents or HTML pages
  • SDI, IP, NDI® or HDMI inputs and/or outputs
  • Dedicated preview channel
  • Graphical edition of objects and effects
  • Preparation tool with built-in HTML preview feature
  • Comes with a library of customisable objects
  • Templates and media shared for all your channels