Sphere Advanced Logging System

Sphere Management

In 2013 MEDIA & BROADCAST TECHNOLOGIES® (MBT) edited a new module for their Digital Asset Management System, Sphere, allowing to log sports events. Sphere advanced logging system makes all the media of an event, with their metadata, available for final customers i.e. television channels around the world.

A large panel of international broadcasters is able to consult and to edit the media remotely via a simple Internet connection. These customers can also download programs or parts from programs. For the 2015 European Games in Baku for example, the system was used for the international delivery to 52 rights-holding organizations.

The ingested media are manually logged in real time, “live”, by operators, using the MAM client. Experienced sports loggers used the Sphere Advanced logging system to log up to 3.000 events for every day of the World Championship of Athletics in 2013 in Moscow. At the 2015 European Games 2.000 hours of footage and a total of approximately 200.000 loglines has been recorded and made available using MBT’s logging and recording system.




Moreover, a complementary indexing can be performed automatically using the information made available by the customer’s information system.

The MAM Client of is then used to search the indexed information (races, athletes, ..), and view the relevant media. The search can be done in several ways : a "Full text" search of all information entered during indexing or an advanced crossed search, using all the user fields, metadata fields and comments, for example the name of the media, category, (list of contests, races etc), dates, with the possibility to include or exclude one or more criteria.

Using this same MAM client, it is possible to select parts of the media to create a bin. This bin will be used by a journalist for the realisation of his topic or can be exported to a server of a customer. The system collects then the requested (samples of the ) media and transfers it to the sites of the customers.

The logging system includes a complete workflow manager, a specific logging administration tool for the collections, an ODF interface (Olympic Data feed), and many new features.

Through the ODF interface, the start list of the athletes for every sub-event is automatically available. Having all the keywords, markers and names of the athletes instantly on your screen for every (sub) event, logging becomes really intuitive and easy.  

Sphere Advanced Logging System, the quickest logging solution on the market place.