Phoenix Playout Automation


Phoenix transmits mono or multi-channel playlists with thousands of primary and secondary events. This high-level playout automation is capable of controlling many third-party devices, has its own database to ensure the security and data redundancy and is still connected to the Vertex data platform.

The Phoenix Automation system is a proven solution for mono- and multi-channel playout. The reliability and the flexibility of the Phoenix Playout Automation make it a high level solution easily managing premium and thematic channels in a centralized environment.

The Phoenix Automation solution has an open architecture that allows the system to evolve easily and to adapt naturally to changes in the company or in the market (new channels, new operational and functional areas, VOD, second screen, advertising synchronisation, etc …).

The Phoenix Device Controller controls equipment through serial (RS), Ethernet connection (API) or GPI. It ensures the synchronisation between equipment in real time.



The Phoenix Playlist Server is the server that controls the transmission. It can be configured to manage Continuity Playout, News transmissions or a production set. It is also connected to the Vertex data platform and disposes therefore of all the necessary data for the playout. It acts as a local database thus saving the information in case of unavailability of the data platform and the attached database. Your channels stay on air even without the central database!

The system is proposed with two Phoenix Automation Controllers: main and backup. The two automations are synchronized to playout in parallel the same playlist on two video servers. With one click it is possible to desynchronize the 2 channels and therefore dispose (temporarily) of an extra channel. Broadcast calmly thanks to the high security and the backup management of Phoenix Playout Automation.


Phoenix offers also the possibility to edit the playlists in multi-channel mode. Playlist management is completely independent of the automation. All playlists from the different channels are accessible to all operators. Phoenix Editor allows operators to work simultaneously on the same playlist.

Thanks to the intuitive and configurable interfaces, Phoenix creates and controls the programs On Air easily. Broadcast calmly and comfortably with Phoenix Playout Automation.