Liberty Linebuilder


Liberty Linebuilder is part of the Liberty Suite that manages graphics on different platforms: 2D/3D graphic equipment, logo generator, picture library, character generator… and in different area: production, post-production, news, transmission, ingest, traffic, NRCS.

With Liberty’s Linebuilder it is possible to update stories in the NRCS by adding Items in order to create Secondary Events for a specific Primary Event. In the NRCS each item within a story is independent. Linebuilder allows to include metadata in the Items (offset, etc ….) enabling the automation to build PEV’s and SEV’s in the playlist.

Double clicking on a NRCS line (video) opens Liberty’s Linebuilder and loads the lowresolution file of the media.

You can select a graphics template, create new graphic instances and add Secondary Events directly on the timeline.

When you save it, the Linebuilder updates the story through the Mos gateway by adding Items with the right offset and duration of each secondary event.

When the story is saved in the NRCS, the changes are sent to the automation creating or updating an event in the playlist using the metadata to define the primary (Video) and the secondary (graphics and other) events.

Through the Linebuider User Interface you can browse the lowresolution file and preview the representative graphics in overlay of the video.

The Linebuilder Client uses the Liberty backoffice tools, Liberty Data and Liberty Models.

Liberty Linebuilder is a very powerful plugin for your NRCS that makes the life of a journalist much easier!